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Neutrality in Journalism Is a Myth

This Site Is Not For The Mentally Weak The sole purpose of this website is for those that want to seek out the truth. Because those of you redpilled enough, not only hunger for it but desire more of it. A good portion of you have been accustomed to reading...

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Modern Solutions For Modern Games

The AAA gaming industry claims that their labours are to build a heaven and yet it is populated with Social Justice. Because all that we truly desired was to have a polished title that wasn’t littered with bugs, crashes, errors, preorders, DRM, DLC and most of all lootboxes. I too have grown tiresome of modern gaming myself. The only solution is that we must reexamine video games with a different approach; maybe perhaps, gaming was never initially designed to be played. It is meant to be enjoyed.


I am not a shill as I am under no obligation to portray the current state of affairs in a positive light. I will not be portraying the reader the illusion of a “bipartisan” position. Because that is not how the real world operates. It definitely isn’t fair, it surely isn’t equal and it is most certainly isn’t balanced.

The fact that you are reading this proves that you have a strong will and desire to search for the truth. You have actively sought me out meanwhile ignoring the endless ocean of bullshit clickbait articles that are too busy shilling out to their sponsors.


You chose to be here. It is within your nature to do so. Because you too have also seen through the veil of governments, corporations, journalists, leftists and cancerous arm-chair intellectuals trying to swindle every shekel out of you. I am here to guide you on your redpill journey.

“It is never too late of course…to wake up and smell the ashes.”

No Bullshit Website

I have a set of ground rules that goes against common norms in regards to modern websites. I will NOT be doing dumbass popups, notifications, forced newsletters, fake loading screens, age restrictions, giveaway your location, cookie settings, adblock detectors and other stupid nonsense. I avoid this as my sole intention is for you to read distraction-free without invading your privacy. Please use a VPN when possible. Please refuse from using personal e-mails. I suggest you use uBlock for your browser. I am here to serve your interest in keeping you informed.

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About Me

A gamer at heart.

A talented engineer cursed with a high IQ.

My goal is to investigate and inform on your redpill journey.

I enjoy anime, technology, history, economics, philosophy and high quality art.

I read interesting books such as Mein Kampf, Siege, Atlas Shrugged, Animal Farm and 1984.

Random Quote

The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

— G-Man | Half-Life 2
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