Overlord Anime Is a Weaboo Power Fantasy


It’s Rather Clear

The very same people that hate Sword Art Online are the very same people that are sane enough to see through the straight up dog-shit writing that is this anime. The introduction of the story goes as follows: Overlord features a player (the main character) getting stuck in the game after the servers shut down. I will now play you the sarcastic clap of my people…*clap*…*clap*…*clap*……*CLAP*. It is rather clear that Kugane Maruyama obviously hasn’t the faintest idea on how to write a basic story much less know anything about video games in general. How do you honestly expect to still be actively connected to the game when the servers are clearly shut down. It would have made even more sense if he was given private access to the beta by the gaming company seeing as how he is one of the very few most professional players in the game. I mean it’s not like we gaming companies are actively doing this in the real world to test out the latest features, work out the bugs, find flaws in the game design and see whether or not if the game was a huge leap from it’s predecessor. It’s as if the people watching this anime hasn’t the slightest idea of how a video game works and how they are played and is specifically targeted for those kinds of people.

Power Fantasy

It is rather clear that this anime/manga was clearly made for weaboos living in their parents basement to have an extreme power fantasy that they could never possibly have in real life. You can simply compare it to a rich, powerful, corporate playboy surrounded by a harem of women and what do we get? A high leveled, powerful, guild master skeleton surrounded by a harem of women NPCs the major difference is that this is based on fiction meanwhile one is based in real life. It’s even more tragic that the NPCs act in the anime act more human than our NPC SJW counterparts. The irony is rather strong. This is not what pisses me off the most about the anime. What really ticks me off is not the characters but how the poorly implemented the story and plot is designed in such an ill-conceived manner that it looks like it was written by an 8 year old that writes really bad fan fiction. You are not prepared for the next level LARPING (Live Action Role-Playing) on a screen.

Power Is Everything

We have all watch Dragonball Z at least once in our lives to basically understand that there are certain rules are set that power levels are everything. It serves as a measuring stick to know where a certain character stands and how large the power gap is between them and their opponent. You may try and include other factors such as speed, skill, technique and strength but we are referring to power alone which is the main focus. I don’t shit on Sword Art Online entirely but at least they have a standard of measurement to know where our main character is set at. The Overlord anime of course does not.

Take this particular scene from Sword Art Online.

Because the RPG system is unfair that way because those that grind the hardest and know how to gain the system will always come out on top. It’s even funnier when South Park made an episode about this particular problem in World of Warcraft called Make Love, Not Warcraft it is downright hilarious. The anime of course doesn’t even follow it’s own set of rules because it doesn’t have any. The best way to describe it is basically a cuck and woman having a dick contest with the man having the world’s largest handicap. Because all you hear is constant bragging about how big their dick size. You never once see an HUD, healthbars, player names, levels just nothing but talk. You can even check out the official World of Warcraft wiki and see all of the attributes and statistics for yourself. I was a huge Pokemon player several years ago up to Pokemon Black and fully understood how the system works and what it took implement the most effective strategies. This anime doesn’t even explain it’s own rules much less know what the fuck it is doing with it’s own story.

Watch this particular scene from the anime for yourself and tell me if any of this bullshit makes sense.

I will finish the rest of this article when I actually give a shit eventually.

  • Hugh Ballz1

    January 12, 2019

    And this is supposed to be an anti-sjw page? Go fuck yourselves with a rake, cuckolds.

    • TacticalKnight2

      January 26, 2019

      I have to conceal my power level for obvious reasons. I also haven’t finished writing this article because the anime is disinteresting and generic as hell.

  • Anonymous3

    January 12, 2019

    If you would have actually paid attention in the anime or read the source material you would have realised that he is not in a video game but in a different world. This new world has different rules and is not some game. You have clearly misinterpreted the story. I recommend reading the LN where everything is explained.

  • Terry4

    January 25, 2019

    Hey tactical knight when you let people write articles for your site. You should probably make sure they aren’t complete retards like the guy who wrote this one.

    • TacticalKnight5

      January 26, 2019

      I dunno there seems to be a fuckwad named Terry posting some really retarded comments on this site. Do you happen to know him by any chance?


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