Overwatch Pay to Win Matchmaking Is Based on Lootboxes


Set Brains To Woke!

This is not an opinion piece or a rant. These are are based on cold hard facts. These are the type of truth articles that will expose these companies that are simply being buried, censored, silenced or downright ignored by the lamestream media. I have already put in at about 800+ hours into this game and already found a huge trending, repetitive pattern that the matchmaking has become unbelievably rigged to the point that it has become completely unplayable for skilled players to enjoy. Blizzard refuses to release how the matchmaking system truly works solely because there is a major profit motive behind it by their Activision overlords.


For those of you that are unaware Activision has been bought over by Blizzard since 2013. This means that the very same business practices being implemented into games such as the Call of Duty franchise are also being implemented on to Overwatch as well. I already wrote an earlier article on how incredibly similar Overwatch and Black Ops 3 truly are. It is also a fact that Activision filed and patented a system to trick you into putting money into their games as much as possible. This just shows that not only are they afraid of competition by monopolizing their methods but they want to make sure that they are the only ones legally able to use these methods.

Need More Dopamine!

What do lootboxes have to do with your matchmaking? A lot in fact. It is such a large variable that Activision-Blizzard’s government patent clearly states that their system literally rewards players that continually purchase a lot of microtransactions. The major difference is that Call of Duty sells you weapons but Overwatch sells you skins. This means that these skins serve as a form of wealth therefore, these kinds of players will be placed against easier opponents giving them the illusion that they are actually good at the game. This injects more and more dopamine into their brains giving them more interest into putting additional money into the game.


Window Shopping

That isn’t even the worst part. Because players that have a huge desire to gain access to certain particular legendary skins by grinding are being placed with players on their team that are currently using these purchased skins. This serves as a form of window-shopping to increase the chances of influencing other players on the team to purchase these instead of grinding them like everyone else. This creates a “Peacock Syndrome” where these kinds of players can show off and strut their stuff.

To put it simply.

“Oh you like sniper rifles? Well suddenly you are now teamed up with this player who has one of the fanciest rifles ingame!! You could own it too if you bought more lootboxes!!!”

Now replace sniper rifles with.

“Oh you like the Sombra Demon Hunter skin? Well suddenly you are now teamed up with this player who has one of the fanciest skins ingame!! You could own it too if you bought more lootboxes!!!”

Loot Boxes Are Pay To Win

This explains why the matchmaking is at a 50% forced winrate for a reason. This would also explain why Competitive Mode is an absolute shit-show to begin with. Activision-Blizzard wants to make sure that these type of money spenders are not constantly being placed in losing matches because if they were they would have no reason to put anymore money into the game. It is not within their profit motive for their big money spenders to simply rage quit and simply leave for long periods of time otherwise these players would gladly spend their money elsewhere that isn’t under their full control that they can profit greatly off of.

Skilled Players Get The Bullet

This explains why skilled players have been leaving the game in droves both professional and e-celebs (like Seagull and xQc) alike. This would also explain why one-trick heroes have been getting banned in Competitive Mode countless times reaching all the way to Grandmaster in the matter of 24 hours by simply gaming the system, only to get reported and banned soon after. Because these types of players simply purchase multiple copies of the Standard Edition usually at discounted prices and never drop another penny into purchasing their loot boxes therefore it is not within Activision-Blizzard’s financial interest to allow these types of players from legitimately, rightfully and objectively reaching their way to the top without leaving a green carpet of bills along the way. Blizzard only wants e-celebs handpicked by their board of directors to have claim the title of Grandmaster and anyone that doesn’t serve them are to be terminated.

Generation of Gamblers

The tragedy about modern multiplayer gaming is that it has become no different than online gambling. It is no longer based on merit, skill or strategy. If you want to gain any form of happiness or satisfaction then you better pay up. If you want to have fun with your friends then you better whip out that credit card and start punching in those numbers otherwise you are shit out of luck. It has become a “pay for power” business model but instead of game companies being open about it they stealthily slip it behind your backs by rigging the damage you deal, the types of players you will be placed against such as aimbotters as well as cheaters and if you win too often without putting any money into the game they will place the worst players imaginable on your team that have absolutely no intention of ever playing the game as originally designed such as trolling, throwing, griefing. This is why purchasing loot boxes has become an addiction which will affect most of these kids later in life and piss away their finances on at gambling casinos and esports.


Your Fun Must Be Shared Comrade!

“This should go to show just what’s going on behind the scenes with this stuff. Teams of data analysts and psychologists are working for these publishers and their jobs are to find ways we can be manipulated by the software, it’s no longer about making a game that is fun to play – the software has a primary purpose now to try and get you to spend as much money as possible. And for all of you over the last few weeks that have been popping up to defend this stuff with excuses like you can just ignore it all, they are literally linking gameplay satisfaction directly to how many microtransactions you buy. They are not making games fun to play, they are making them fun to play if you have bought their loot boxes. It’s high level manipulation of the play experience in undetectable ways all with the single goal of increasing player spend.” – mega-gazz

“In other words they’re planning on bringing back extortionate ‘pay for power’ business models from the crappier F2P games of old. And deliberately rigging games so those who bought cash shop superpowers are showered with free wins against those who just started playing? PISS OFF WITH THAT.” – TheChimpy

“Another nail in the “It’s only cosmetics, it’s fine” argument. How much more blatant do these companies need to be for people to stop given them this excuse, because it’s exploitative, plain and simple.” – Big_Jim


What most gamers do not understand is that these terrible business practices have existed for decades. They just do not fathom the idea that these game companies have been taking advantage of us for a very long time. We are merely cash crops and these game companies will do anything to rob us of our hard earned money through soft-extortion. When Activision filed their patent to exploit us; It never occurred to these CEOs whether or not they should, it is how long can they get away with it before they get caught before it would be made illegal. There are hundreds of think-tanks, institutions and organizations that receive millions of dollars in funding to find ways to manipulate us psychologically and methodically especially when their primary targets are young , ignorant gamers that constantly nag at their parents that would even go as far as to steal their parents credit cards to fund this type of addiction. This is some next level Edward Bernays bullshit being implemented and the most tragic part is that the average gamer is completely unaware of these types of systems in place.

  • slaithe1

    January 31, 2019

    thanks for this article! that patent is very damning evidence!


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