Pro-Vaccine Terrorist Attacks on American Citizens


The American government continues to have a lengthy history of committing deadly experiments and weaponizing it on their own citizens. They are pushing this type of propaganda relentlessly on the mainstream media. You can watch for yourself on live television during the 75th Golden Globe Awards. I honestly couldn’t believe how dystopian this truly was when I witnessed it for myself. You have got to be fake news or an NPC to assume that it isn’t real. I kept a copy of this video before it gets shut down and erased off the web for good.

Another Attack on Anti-Vaxxers

This is a ploy by government agents to attack and silence their opposition by spreading new strains of diseases at rallies. This is not the first time that we’ve exposed similar atrocities committed on American citizens. Look up the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, simulated germ-warfare experiment on San Francisco, Radioactive nutrition experiments on retarded children by Harvard and MIT and let’s not forget our popular favorite among the redpill community: Project MK-Ultra. The CDC’s (Center of Disease Control) own expert Dr. Andrew Zimmerman testified in court was fired immediately for shedding light on the fact that vaccines may in fact cause autism. This explains why so many children and young adults of this generation are unbelievably neurotic and dysfunctional. The cure truly is worse than the disease.

The cure truly is worse than the disease.

Weaponized Germ Warfare

The government has already begun spreading new strains of ‘eradicated diseases’ on you and your children if you happen to attend these anti-vaccine rallies. They will then use it to take custody of your children for their ‘safety’ to silence their political opponents for refusing in getting them vaccinated vocally. The citizens of Portland, Oregon have already begun to learn the hard way. This is used as a method of preventing public opposition of anti-vaxxers to distress and inform their concerns and have weaponized it especially since they take place in large groups and in large crowded areas. A COINTELPRO agent disguised as one of your own can easily bring in a gas canister device at one of your meetings through a ventilation system to spread newer and more powerful strains of diseases. There is no limit to the imagination of what kind of schemes they will plot to poison and discredit anyone that rebels and outright refuses their homo-globo agenda.

They will use any means necessary that includes the use of deadly force to make sure that every child is vaccinated under their control.

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