Rainbow 6 Siege Is a P2W Mess


A pay-to-win game that caters to the young demographic that are terrible at first person shooters. If you refuse to buy certain operators you are assured to lose every match. The game is riddled with poor balance,terrible netcode,poor hit registration,laggy servers. The explosives do not do insta-kill in fact it only does half the damage,headshots do not register at all even on direct hits essentially removing all skill from the game. This is not including the toxic players that teamkill you frequently,as well as the bitching and whining from useless team mates that refuse to learn the basics of a FPS.

Overall rating

Overall Rating
The good
  • A much slower,innovative,serious take at the FPS genre
  • A large variety of weapons available to play it differently each time
  • The game has a strong art direction with interesting characters
The bad
  • It is riddled with bugs,netcode issues and terrible hit detection
  • The operators are locked behind a paywall at exorbitant prices forcing you to spend $120 or more
  • The maps are similar,ill-conceived map designs making them extremely linear and limiting

An over-glorified Counter Strike game with as much diversity as Overwatch but this time all of the classes labeled as “operators” are locked behind a paywall. A literal pay to win game where if you don’t have the best operators available to you there is very little chances of ever winning 90% of your matches. The game doesn’t have much of a learning curve when it comes to experience FPS gamers like myself and yet it caters to casuals because most of the so-called “skill” are all restricted to these operators pretty much making these matches a one-sided match to the point that I have no choice but to quit and join another lobby. The fact that anyone defends this heaping pile of trash comparable to that to EA’s Star Wars 2 Battlefront micro-transaction fiasco is beyond me. The fact that this game company gets a free pass shows how retarded the fanbase truly is.

Because I really enjoy getting shot by an invisible player with a floating gun that isn’t even moving am I right guys? The graphics are dark,gray,dull,terrible,buggy,broken beyond repair and after 3 years it continues to remain in such a poor condition. I am only using fewer than 3GB of video memory and it can’t even run at 1080p 60FPS without massive frame rate drops and lag without reason. The game has the exact kind of visuals comparable to that of the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series but with similar 3D meshes and destruction of Battlefield but ironically that game could support a total of 64 players and somehow a game with 5v5 struggles just to display with a much smaller map and fuck it all up. I at least give Blizzard credit with Overwatch for doing a much better job than Ubishit at this point with their colorful visuals.

The netcode is atrocious with terrible hit registry even if the enemy target is 5 feet away from you and not even moving you still can’t even hit your target. Do you think I am joking here? The video below is living proof that headshots rarely ever register properly on two enemy targets. You pretty much have to spray and pray just to hit anything at any range. The knifing even has a 3-5 second delay at worst times. This is just another line of potential games that could have been successful if they actually gave a shit about their quality control before rushing out on another unfinished game what I call “forever beta” and the retards enabling these types of business models. Ubishit even plans to support this game for up to 10+ years. I have huge major doubts seeing as how it has been 3 years and absolutely nothing has been fixed.

The attachments were locked behind a paywall per operator per attachment for well over 3 years. They just recently made all of the attachments available for free which is something they should have done in the first place. Ubishit’s greed has no bounds. I can image the millions of dollars they made off of the weapon attachments alone without ever refunding their paying customers with some form of compensation. That isn’t even the worst part. The moment they release a new operator it os overpowered as hell and then when a new operator arrives they nerf the old one. It is a simple wash,rinse and repeat. Because stupidity really does pay especially at your expense of course. This game should have been called out for what it truly is from the start. A P2W grindfest where you spend 90% of your time at a killcam due to the problems plaguing this game.

The Marxist poison has also subverted themselves at Ubishit. The community are just as toxic and autistic as Overwatch blaming everyone else for their mental illness spilling over into the online multiplayer by deliberately killing hostages,klling your team,intentionally throwing matches,firing weapons for no reason,running around the map making noise and giving away your position. This is why abortion exists people. And there are a lot of walking-talking mistakes that are entitled to continue to rob the earth of it’s precious oxygen but they actually think that their pathetic sole existence is to hinder everyone else’s progress in their lives at your expense. It’s even tragic when these mouth breathers financially support these types of game companies ruining gaming for just about everyone.

The ridiculous cost of operators is proof that Ubishit is just as bad as EA,Activision and Blizzard with their absurd microtransactions. I already grinded 10+ hours into this game only to earn 7,000 credits meanwhile the average operator is 12,500 to 25,000 “renown” points that means I would have to babysit for 40 hours just to unlock one single decent operator,to make matters worse Ubishit is planning to release 100+ operators in total. I would have to grind for at least 2,000+ hours just to unlock them all and seeing how toxic this community is without any intention of ever winning it may even be 6,000+ hours. I have no intention of putting anymore money into this heaping trash pile. I hope the video game crash happens soon so I can take advantage of the sales when their stocks plummet and the game prices drop by 80%.

Another great game ruined by autistic children throwing online matches. I literally livestreamed the entire time on twitch having to deal with these mentally ill morons killing hostages in the first 10 seconds of the match as well as killing team mates with grenades and breach charges firing their weapons randomly to give away your position on purpose. My first 10 hours of playing this game is absolute pure unrefined cancer. Thank goodness that I never buy games at full price and waited over a year to even consider buying this game. I spared my wallet and my precious time being forced to babysit idiotic players and their true toxic nature.

Playing this solo is absolute hell and Ubishit forcing pro-level players such as myself to be an official retard wrangler online is proof that they don’t ban players for being moronic or even suspend them for a week for doing so. There is also rampant hacking and aimbotting of players staring at walls when you are not even moving or making noise even as far as looking straight up through the ceiling firing shots from 100% blindspot shots and can even be seen on the killcam.

Don’t buy this game at full price. I bought this game for $15 and even then it is asking for too much. The art direction is great,the music and sound is spectacular but Ubishit broken the #1 rule of gaming: if the game isn’t fun it is not worth buying. Period.

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