“Toxic Players” Blamed For Slow Overwatch Updates


Go Woke, Go Broke

It just blows my mind that we are currently in a situation where a company not only thinks that it is acceptable to not only judge and insult their customers but to have the absolute audacity to try and police basic human behavior. It is downright insane.

In every other industry this kind of bullshit would have people leaving in droves for another competitor, but this time gaming monopolies are systematically implementing these counter-productive policies similar to what is currently happening on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit only to create a large exodus of the community to simply leave entirely.

Their rigged matchmaking by forcing good players to carry trash players against our will isn’t exactly helping this either and it is by design with terrible consequences.

Be purchasing any AAA multiplayer game you have involuntarily become Blizzard’s online retard-wrangler.

You don’t get to choose your team mates, you don’t get to choose who you are matched up against and you sure as hell don’t get to choose whether you win or lose with Blizzard’s patented matchmaking system and if you ever decide to group up with your friends then you are punished with longer waiting times because Blizzard has essentially removed any basis of real teamwork.

Blizzard has profited greatly through the use of this “hegelian dialectic” by deliberately creating this toxic community, using it to silence critics of the game, only for players to protest by throwing even more matches creating this endless cycle of toxicity that Blizzard has created.

Blizzard’s censorship extends to the forums even outside of their game.

This was never a problem 18+ years ago when server renting was popular at the time only for gaming companies to slowly phase them out in favor of peer-to-peer lobbies and for SJWs to have suddenly begun pushing their political ideology on everyone and GamerGate exposing how bad this political group has subverted themselves into every facet of every media such as video games, anime, comic books, television, film and more.

Grow the Fuck Up

This goes to show you that these SJW idiots never hold themselves responsible for anything especially when it comes to making dumbass business decisions costing them millions in lost profits only for them to shift the blame on to you, their paying customers, instead of being held accountable for stretching their already strained staff by making poor investments in dedicating their limited man-hours enforcing their SJW ideology instead of focusing on the game.

Let’s listen to another pretentious speech of Jeff Kaplan lecturing everyone to “Play Nice, Play Fair” instead of focusing on fixing the bugs, the broken competitive game mode, broken heroes and players intentionally throwing matches.

“We’ve been put in this weird position where we’re spending a tremendous amount of time and resources punishing people and trying to make people behave better. The bad behavior is making the game progress in terms of development on a much slower rate.” – Jeff Kaplan

Thought Crime

Are you fucking serious? You literally dedicated precious time, money and company resources on these so-called “toxic players” instead of focusing on the quality of your games? This is a flimsy excuse to declare war on your customers that pay your bills only to be doubling-down and wasting company profits by punishing players that enjoy the game as originally intended.

Wrong Think

Blizzard wants to covet themselves as the “thought police” by censoring objective observable reality that is basic human nature and after thousands of years of mankind’s existence that won’t be changing anytime soon.

Because when a large majority of your playerbase are made up of men that love to compete, shit-talk as well as bury their balls in the enemy team’s faces which has become a commonplace in most of the FPS genre and even then that has been deemed toxic by Blizzard.

This is why the princess of the soyboy kingdom Jeff Kaplan is investing so much of his company’s valuable resources by cracking down on masculinity which is the basic building blocks of human civilization. He has literally declared war on gamers by going on a political crusade of Social Justice Jihad.

“Our highest level philosophy is if you are a bad person doing bad things in Overwatch we don’t want you in Overwatch.” – Jeff Kaplan

Let me translate this blatant double-speak.

“Our core ideology is more important than satisfying our paying customers and we will abuse our power for our own political ends simply because we can at your expense of course. You either join our pro-SJW agenda or you are toxic CIS-gender misogynist pig. Oh, and by the way have fun getting a refund, your money is gay now and any refunds made will permanently suspend your account as well as other games you own. Don’t forget to check your white-privilege by buying more of our lootboxes!”

  • Sperglord1

    October 18, 2018

    Unironically the funniest article I’ve read in a LOOOOOONG time.
    Keep it up!


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