Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Is Modern Gambling

If you thought that buying cardboard crack in real life was bad wait until you buy digital cardboard crack this time with a rigged gambling system where the house always wins, Komoney not only tricks children into throwing away their hard earned allowance into a rigged RNG (Random Number Generator) that systematically manipulates the type of cards you draw it also completely removes all skill available in the game. This has created a generation of compulsive gamblers which is only a matter of time before laws are passed making these type of microtransactions downright illegal hopefully soon.

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Overall rating

Overall Rating
The good
  • The amount of tutorials available allowing you to practice with newer and powerful cards without having to buy them.
  • The game is updated frequently for an online only multiplayer game with many special events and giveaways.
  • The game has a much faster pace with unique character abilities, 3 monster, 3 spell & trap zones allowing new and returning players to enjoy a much more updated version of the game without buying a fistful of cards. The immersion of staying close to the original 4Kids Yu-Gi-Oh TV show line of voice actors.
The bad
  • Komoney's The Pay-To-Win economy does not justify the ridiculously high microtransactions up to $1000 or more just to compete against whales essentially removing all skill from the game.
  • The card draws are rigged putting the most powerful cards at the bottom and the least powerful cards on top, they are never truly shuffled which removes all strategy from the game.
  • The game suffers from massive disconnects, cheating is rampant with players using cheating tools and Komoney not enforcing on banning them merely giving them a warning.

Modern Trading Card Games in a Nutshell

I have played the original trading card game in my youth which enabled me to develop the cognitive thought to think in a critical manner to find the best mathematical formulas to increase my chances of winning against my opponents. The major difference that distinguishes the game from the virtual version is that it is much harder to cheat with physical card game. Konami has essentially become a meme being Japan’s Electronic Arts with all of the ridiculous controversy surrounding their poor business decisions over the recent years. Komoney profits greatly by taking advantage of children at an early age with online gambling.

This video has honestly hit way too close to home…

What makes this game so sinister is that the game is designed to determine the winner in a formulaic fashion before the duel has even begun. Konami designed this system to arranges your cards only for your opponent to have the highest chance to achieve its hoped outcome in their favor. The goal is to frustrate and infuriate you into witnessing your opponents powerful cards with envy to influence you into purchasing them with a simple credit card swipe. This methodically influences you into buying more cards to increase your chances of winning. Because even if your deck was perfectly balanced against the current metas it will find a way to force you to undergo several losing streaks enabling your opponents behavior with a huge injection of dopamine tricking them that they are superior to others when in fact it is merely the cards not the skill of the player that determines who is the victor.

Don’t take my word for it. You can watch this top level player pretty much expose Komoney on their blatant greed. He managed to take the time and effort to show the mathematical probability of card draws and providing the sufficient evidence to prove my case that this game is in fact rigged. The textbook definition of rigged is as follows “Rigged – the act of arranging dishonestly for the result of something, for example an election, to be changed.” Komoney is fully aware that skilled players would always inevitably comes out on top especially for those of us that have attended the game tournaments and played at a much higher level. They have no incentive in being honest and are willing to use whatever malicious practices regardless whether it is illegal or not until either the laws are enforced or if lawyers are willing to see it as a worthy investment to take them to court with a class action lawsuit. Because greed is good of course until someone holds your greed accountable.

Reality Vs. Digitally

Before anyone claims that Yu-Gi-Oh was always Pay-To-Win only spoiled rich kids or (man) children with gambling addictions would be stupid enough to spend thousands of dollars on a digital card game. The major difference is that a physical card game allows you to buy, sell and trade these cards essentially creating a limited supply in the market with a return investment. A digital card game can generate an unlimited amount enabling companies to nerf, buff and patch the game making buyers remorse rampant among your customer base. What makes matters worse is that not only are you spending more money on a digital TCG if the game company shuts down or cancels the game you are pretty much shit out of luck and unlike the physical card game if the company shuts down your cards become more valuable due to their limited supply and historical impact making it a collector’s item, this is what the average gamer does not understand.

Great Exodus of the Game Community

You can watch the livestream for yourself on how it caters Pay-To-Win players making thousands of players lose interest.

Komoney doesn’t care as long as they get paid even if it means destroying their brand in the process.

Here is another P2W Cyber-Stein deck.

Sticking to the Material

The art design and animation stays true to the 4kids TV show. I am actually surprised that fully rendered 3D graphics have been implemented even on a tablet without any frame rate drops and runs incredibly smooth with the animations. They managed to retain the original voice actors even though this series has been running well for almost 20 years. The biggest major problem with the game is the ridiculous pay-to-win business model that exploits children into buying digital trading cards that are just as expensive as buying the physical cards. The so-called “skill” abilities are a joke and only proves that the card draw RNG is in fact manipulated in giving you bad hands which forces you to lose in the first turn.

I will finish this article later.

  • John1

    January 25, 2019

    Ummmm blizzard doesn’t own Yu-Gi-Oh duel links that would be Konami so your post is wrong

    • TacticalKnight2

      January 26, 2019

      I forgot to publish the article. Thanks for the reminder. I am still making large changes to the site.


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